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Body Builder


These packages are ideal for those who are seriously dedicated to a self-care journey. Willing to make the investment to provide their body & mind with the optimal care it deserves.

To lead an optimal life, optimal guidance & care is necessary.

Guidance is optimal for those in search of higher self-awareness. Your blessed vessel(body) will receive the attention that it deserves. Increasing vitality, strength, & inner balance.

* All Prices At Discount Rate

Recovery Therapy - 3

1HR Sessions


10% OFF TOTAL PRICE. Ideal for those who want to start a self-care routine, that are in need of recovery & guidance. All sessions include assessment.


Recovery Therapy - 6

1Hr Session Package


15% OFF TOTAL PRICE. Ideal for someone dedicated to their self-care journey or that may be recovering from a surgery or injury. All sessions include assessment.


Recovery Therapy - 9

1 Hr Session Package


20% OFF TOTAL PRICE. Ideal for someone who is seriously dedicated to their wellness lifestyle or recovery needs. All sessions include assessment.

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