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Know Your Specialist

Hi! My name is Alex Elizondo, licensed massage therapist, health educator & proud owner of Recovery Flow. 

My journey into the field of therapeutic touch was profoundly influenced by my loving family, particularly my mother Guillermina, a courageous warrior who now rests in paradise. As a child my mother would have me provide bodywork to relieve her pains & discomforts. Coming from a Hispanic family & culture, I grew up with natural remedies & healing.

 Furthermore, witnessing both triumphs and losses in the battle against cancer ignited within me a passionate desire to assist others in their healing process. Specializing in chronic pain management, injury prevention & recovery, through various techniques. I have had the privilege of aiding numerous individuals, ranging from athletes to non-athletes, in managing and alleviating their musculoskeletal concerns.

I am passionate about my career, fitness, nature hiking, outer space, writing, drawing art & culinary arts because who doesn't enjoy a delicious meal. I am an active and driven individual who cooks great food, makes great art and genuinely enjoys star gazing while dreaming of a life full of blessings and success. Looking to give some love and therapeutic recovery care to a world in need.

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My Approach

Through the manipulation of muscle tissue, I help individuals effectively address and overcome muscular pains and discomforts. By directly assessing, targeting, and restoring the affected areas, I empower people to lead happier and healthier lives. My ultimate goal is to provide individuals with the means to cherish and honor their bodies, enabling them to thrive in both body and mind.

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